The Ages of Mankind

Dark Age of Technology

c.M18 – c.M23

Mankind realises its destiny amongst the stars, colonizing world after world at a rapacious pace. Warp space is tamed and the first alien races subjugated. An age of expansion and plenty begins. Psykers emerge amid the race of Man, and the attention of the dread powers is drawn towards humanity.

Age of Strife

c.M23 – c.M30

A time of barbarism and collapse. Mankind’s holdings are fragmented and isolated by Warp storms of unprecedented ferocity. Brother wars against brother for the control of humanity’s dominions. Weakened through over-reliance on technology, civilisation collapses into anarchy. Mankind is mercilessly beset. Untold thousands of planets and colonies are destroyed by Daemons or subjugated by aliens. The rise of the Emperor marks the end of the Age of Strife. Early c.M31 the Emperor emerges from the anarchy of sundered Terra and creates the first Space Marines. Through campaigns unnumbered and strife untold the Emperor’s legions unite Mankind under his beneficent leadership. So is born the Imperium of Man

Age of the Imeperium

c.M30 – c750.M41

Early in the Age of the Imperium about by the Horus Heresy in late c.M31. The Emperor’s must trusted servant, the Warmaster Horus, marches upon Terra with a third part of the hosts of the Imperium which he had seduced to his purpose. Horus is slain, but the Emperor is mortally wounded and reigns evermore from the life-giving Golden Throne. Humanity endures through the Emperor’s sacrifice. Psykers, traitors, and mutants arise in ever greater numbers, and only eternal vigilance preserves Mankind from annihilation. The Astronomicon, a great physic beacon steered by the Emperor’s immortal mind, allows Mankind to harness Warp travel once again, and many worlds are reunited with the Imperium. However, all is not well in humanity’s domain. Without the Emperor to guide them, the children of Terra quarrel amongst themselves and must be restrained and defended in equal measure by the High Lords of Terra.

Time of Ending

c750.M41 onwards

As the dark days close in, Mankind stands before the precipice. Now is the time of judgement, where faith shall be tested in fire, and courage put to its very limits. Secession and rebellion are rife in all corners of the IMperium. Senseing weakness, alien empires close in from all sides. The Space Marines and Imperial Guard are at war as never before, defending humanity from threats within, without, and beyond. This is humanity’s darkest hours.

No man who has died in the Emperor’s service has died in vain.

The Ages of Mankind

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