The War for the Emperor's Soul

Burning the Books
Session 9


The Ark Dominus and the Acolytes each had their missions. The Ark was to emerge from the warp near Scintillia’s cordon zone where it would be challanged by waiting warships. The Ark would be asked to stand down, an order Ravensburg would refuse. Then when the shooting started the Acolytes would launch their small shuttle and make for Scintillia. Unknown to the Acolytes, Abraxis had called in favours and fleet commander allowed both the Ark Dominus to escape in to the warp (and fake it’s destruction by a Gellar Field mishap) and the Acolytes to land on Scintillia using a pre-approved flight plan and transponder codes.

The Acolytes returned to Hive Sillibus and, for Contintus (and Praetus, though he didn’t remember it) they returned to where they first met, the Corscala District. It hadn’t much improved since the Acolytes were there, but the same shadow of fear and daspere no longer hung over the populace. They were able to make contact with Interrogator Sand, Constintus’ and Praetus original recruiter. After showing him the seal Abraxis had given them, Sand agreed to help. They planned their mission and got the supplies they would need.

Disguises in place, fake identify papers at the ready, and gear in tow, the Acolytes descended into the heart of the Inquisition for the Calixes Sector. They were challanged, but the effort they put into their disguises and cover story held. Soon they made their way to the narthex of the main library and Praetus began the long and ardious task of falsifying all the refernces to Pilgrim’s Pause they could find. It took many hours, but in the end they thought they had sufficiently altered all written records to make finding Pilgrim’s Pause exceedningly difficult. The next step was for Praetus to access the remote Cogitation Station and access the Inquisitoral Database to do the same. This didn’t take as long, although the system encryption and security was good. But Pilgrim’s Pause was not classified as a strategically important world, in fact there were very few references to it to begin with it. It’s records were not classified in any way. Praetus deleted and altered all the references he could find. But curiousity got the better of him and he dug a little further. Trying to find the truth of his own past and missing five years, he searched for any records of himself. The Inquisition had files on Praetus, but they were classified Dark Omega, and Praetus had alerted the security of the Tricorn Palace.

The Keepers of the Dead
Session 8


After the crippled Ark Dominus broke from the warp, Abraxis and Ravensburg immediately went above discerning their position. The warp storms had thrown the vessel far off course, and the damaged vessel would need time to repair before she was warp worthy again. The ships auger arrays had discerned several small settlements on the world below. Each was surrounded by large arrays of worked stones of even spacing. The Acolytes were elected to take a lander down to the surface and do further recon work.

The Acolytes made planet fall several kilometers outside one of the settlements, located on a large, rocky isle whose basalt cliffs rose high from the crashing sea. Their pilot touched down behind small forest, and then immediately returned to a low orbit to avoid detection by any ground forces. No form of electromagnetic signal was being broadcast, leading the Acolytes to believe the the society was possessed of only low technology, perhaps even pre-black powder.

Their foray out of the forest revealed the large stone assemblies to be grave sites, and after reading some of the weather worn inscriptions Antellus was able to discern that they must be on the world of Pilgrim’s Pause, an ancient Cemetery World where the war dead from Lord Militant Angevin’s Crusade were interred. Xrel felt they were surrounded by psychic emanations, and alerted the Acolytes that they were being watched. Praetus then decided to dig up one of the graves, reasoning that those interred there must be alive, perhaps suspended in some form of stasis.

Suddenly alarms at the settlement sounded, and a great sigh went up from all around Praetus. Spot lights began scouring the surrounding area, and servo skulls were sent to hunt out the tresspassers. Praetus had raised the ire of the Caretakers of this plot, and Father Ishmael, who kept the Templum in this settlement, was displeased as this act. But not so great as the dead themselves, who rose up and took Praetus in their arms and bore him away. The Acolytes confronted Ishmael, and Contintus pleaded for Praetus’ release. But Ishmael said the matter was between Preatus and the dead, and would be settled by dawn the next day. The Acolytes were given sanctuary while Praetus met his fate.

Praetus was hauled by hands that possessed a strength far beyond that of any living man. Incorporeal fingers stripped him of all his possessions but his simple robes. He was taken down into a Mausoleum and locked inside. Looking about he found a lantern that still had some oil. Using his Lumin gift he lit lantern and looked for a way out. The way which he was brought down was sealed with a heavy stone slab, the only other exit was a tunnel behind a curtain that led deeper down. Shallow shelves had been carved out of the bare stone on either side of the tunnel, and each shelf contained the remains of someone. Some of the bones were so ancient as to be little more then dust. He went further down still, until the stone underfoot became crunching sand, and a distant wind could be heard. Still he pushed past the cob webs and the hanging, dusty fabrics that blew in a growing breeze. Somehow the worked stone became worn metal, and the sand below was rust red. Praetus was no longer in a tomb, or instead in a tomb of a different sort. He was in an armoured carrier, it’s passenger compartment blown open by what appeared to be a direct hit from an anti-tank weapon. The skeletal crew were still buckled in their seats. Outside he saw a storm raged, blowing sand concealing indistinct shapes.

He crawled out into the maelstrom and pushed forward, knowing something truly awful lay ahead. All around him were half-buried vehicles, or skeletal remains impaled on ten foot high metal spikes. The wind seem to carry half-heard whispers and cries, just as it carried sand into his servos and vox-grill ventilator. Uncaring, he plodded on through this ancient battlefield and its forgotten atrocities. Who knows how long he marched, how long the voices whispered their half-heard secrets? But eventually the wind slacked, and Praetus emerged into the eye of a storm that must have been thousands of kilometers across. He stood before a mountain that loomed up and over him, the epicentre of the storm. The billowing clouds turned bruise black as they circled the summit, green lighting forking down. Praetus knew then where he was. He stood on Mars, at the foot on Mons Olympus.

Suddenly the storm intensified as it roared around the summit, the sickly green lightning stabbing down again and again. The air was filled with a near constant booming that drowned out the roar of the wind around him. The earth shook, and Praetus was filled with exhilarated dread at what was coming next. There was a flash, and then another, and a great heaving of the earth and knocked Praetus to his knees. The summit of Mons Olympus swelled and exploded, sending a rolling curtain of pale green light down the summit and over Praetus. He felt the light going through him, into him, traveling down his spine until it filled him. Something emerged from the crater, something darker still then the void, something older and more terrible then he could have imagined. With awe and fear he knew he stood before a being that had seen the birth of stars and the death of galaxies. It spoke to him in a voice that none of his race had heard in eons, and Praetus felt the voice taking him apart and rebuilding him in an image more suitable to its designs.

Knowledge passed between them, and ancient secrets long buried and forgotten. Praetus knew this thing that had been worshiped as a god. It had no name of its own, although some among mankind had called it The Dragon of Mars, or Void Dragon. It was lord of all technology, and had sent it’s dreams into the minds of those who were receptive. It knew it’s imprisonment was a temporary affair, what is a few million years to something timeless? So it whispered its whishes, and orchestrated the construction of an empire dedicated to it. But mostly it waited, dormant, waiting to assume dominance once more over the galaxy.

Praetus was found wandering the next morning in a semi-delirious state. When he regained his sense he eventually told the other Acolytes of what he’d experienced, and showed them the red stone that was in his pocket that had come from Mars. They found the mausoleum and the tunnel. Following it, they heard the roar ahead and felt the sand under their feet as they wound their way down. But it didn’t lead to Mars, but instead to the cliff base where the sea crashed against the rocks. Still, the possibility of a gateway leading to the heart of the Imperium was too great a risk so they returned to the Ark Dominus and told Abraxis what they had found.

For many hours Abraxis, the Acolytes, and Ravensburg spoke. The need to keep Arylia safe seemed very great, and this world was isolated and located in something of a warp dead zone. Also the dead who were interred on this world did not take kindly to intruders. It was decided, with consent from Father Ishmael and his peers in other communities, that Arylia would stay here. But the risk of someone finding the world was too great, so the Acolytes were given two missions from Abraxis. First they were to return to Scintillia, infiltrate the Tricorn Palace in Hive Sillibus, and destroy all records they could find of Pilgrim’s Pause. Second they were to track down the elusive Eldar, for Abraxis knew the aliens had the power to move very quickly through the warp using stable gates called Webway Portals. If anyone could explain what Praetus found it would be them. It was decided the Ark Dominus would also remain in orbit around Pilgrim’s Pause, her captain and crew dedicated to the task of acting as protector’s to Arylia. Abraxis was going to stay behind to oversee Arylia’s defences.

With their plans settled Arylia was sent down the planet and the Ark Dominus returned to the warp to set their plans in motion.

The Battle of the Ark Dominus
Session 7


The Ark Dominus fled through the warp, putting as much distance between them and the forsaken world of Hesiod’s Wake as they could. But the currents of the warp were tumultuous, throwing them off course. Psychic storms of remarkable power ripped at the Geller Fields, but the ancient warship was made of sterner stuff, and her crew among the best Battlefleet Calixes had to offer. They eventually found an opening a made a break for real-space where they would make port and effect repairs. But other forces were at work, and the ship became caught in a bubble between the warp and the material universe. Here they were set upon by the servants of the Ruinous Powers. As Captain Ravensburg gave the order for all hands to repel borders, dozens of assault craft tore into the stricken vessel. It fell upon the shoulders of the Acolytes to defend Aurelia, and they had long prepared for the coming battle. Narrow corridors rigged with explosives all cunningly designed to funnel the enemy into the killing zones. While Contintus and Antellus organized the defenses and platoon of marines, Praetus fortified the bulkheads and blessed the weapons and ammunition of the defenders.

When the slavering mutant hordes finally came they found waiting for them a veritable fortress. Low-velocity rounds from numerous heavy weapon emplacements tore into the enemy as they crossed no man’s land, dozens dying by the minute. The defenders tenaciously shrugged off wave after wave of enemy troops, only falling back to pre-planned positions when the monstrous living siege engines lumbered to the fore. Here the Acolytes cleverly deployed traps turned the narrow corridors into a charnel house. The dead were already stacked knee deep when Helmut lept from his concealed position into the heart of the enemy. Constintus roared into the fray, hacking his way to his ally with his chain axe. Soon the two were fighting back to back, and when the siege breakers finally broke through they fought side by side, they alone holding the gate while their fell back to Aurelia’s chamber, where they would make their final stand. Here Praetus and his grenade launcher did the Emperor’s work, the concussive force tearing dozens apart with each thunderous explosion. When the last machine gun emplacement jammed and was abandoned by the marines Praetus took up the weapon and uttered a prayer to the Machine God, clearing the mechanism and bringing it roaring to life once more.

The Acolytes made the enemy bleed for every inch of ground and eventually the horrendous casualties took their toll. The enemy lost heart while hundreds of their twisted brothers laying dead or dying, and the sound for retreated was called. The Acolytes had broke the back of the enemy, and soon the Ark Dominus was able to disengage and flee to real-space.

Hell is Other Inquisitors
Session 6


After the destruction of Armaghest by Interrogator Grendel and the apparent deaths of Praetus and Helmut, Inquisitor Nicodemus disbanded the Acolytes cell. Xrel would join the ranks of the Acreage 73rd Light Infantry Brigade in the defense of Archaos against the broods of Hive Fleet Malice, during which he won the grudging respect of Commissar Ghrest. Antellus and Contintus eventually found themselves working together several years later on Scintillia to solve the kidnapping of the thirteen year old daughter of Marcus Winchester. Both earned considerable fame for successfully recovering the young girl, Antellus coming to the eyes of the Ordo Mallus for the slaying of several lessor daemons and Constintus for planning the lightening raid on the cultists. Constintus would eventually marry into the affluent Winchester family, taking the hand of Marcus’ eldest daughter, Alizibeth and becoming the son Marcus never had.

Five years later the old team was assembled for a new assignment, which surprising included Praetus and Helmet, thought long dead. How they survived the atomic blast and what happened remains a mystery, for they were mind wiped. Evidently the Inquisition thought whatever they possessed worth preserving. Reunited the Acolytes were sent to the world of Hesiod’s Wake to investigate rumors of a child performing “miracles”. Contact with the world was lost and the threat that the child was touched by the Warp was too great to ignore.

After making planet fall posing as pilgrims coming to see the miracle child, the Acolytes made their way to the town of Jyn’s Crossing. They found the town besieged by pilgrims, fortune seekers, and redemptionists. Some thought the girl was touched by the Emperor, others that she was the tool of the Ruinous Powers. The Acolytes learned that the girl and her family, being simple peasants, had taken refuge in the town chapel. A grizzled Arbite named Sgt. Roan was dispatched from the world’s capital to maintain order. He believed the girl, Ariella, was truly touched by the Emperor’s light and now, along with Father Berret, was trying to keep her safe. Roan had enlisted the local sheriff to keep Ariella safe, but they were too few to effectively maintain order as the pilgrim horde grew every day. Somebody had managed to make an assassination attempt on Ariella’s life, and she sustained a serious head injury which left her in semi-conscience state.

The Acolytes were quickly convinced of the veracity of the claims that this farmer’s daughter was blessed by the Master of Mankind and began making preparations to get her off world. But as they began implementing their plan they found they were the only agents Nicodemus had sent to this world. Grendel and his team were already in town and were urging on the rabble to storm the chapel and kill the girl. Grendel’s motives remain unknown, but he seemed willing to kill both the girl and the Acolytes to achieve his mission. A long battle ensured, and Grendel’s bodyguard, Stevenson, was killed by the Acolytes. As the Acolytes fled town on a bus Praetus had hastily converted into an armoured vehicle, Grendel called in his air support to destroy the team and the girl inside. Eventually Constintus was able to bring down the Gun Cutter and cause it to crash in a nearby field. But the armoured bus had been all but destroyed in the fight. As Grendel led his team to confront the Acolytes on foot in the middle of the corn field, an unnatural light filled the night sky. With a sickly lurch the world took on a terrible sheen and suddenly both sides realized they were witnessing a Daemonic Incursion. Apparently a third party wanted Ariella for their designs, as the field filled with gibbering Warp Spawn. The slavering fiends assaulted the hastily erected defenses the Acolytes were able to throw together, and it seemed it would be here they would make their final stand.

Someone had other plans though, for at that moment the dead, sour air stirred. In a sudden blaze of light four members of the legendary Grey Knights teleported in, their assault cannons roaring and their nemesis force halberd’s humming with psychically charged energy. Their arrival threw back the chaos fiends long enough for Inquisitor Abraxis to teleport down and relay transport coordinates for Ariella, himself, the Acolytes, and the Grey Knights. Before the disarrayed hordes could mount a counter attack the party was back on board the Ark Dominus and breaking orbit before the warp storms that had engulfed the world closed again, trapping them here.

No One Lives Forever
Session 5


With the demise of Hesk and Edgar Locke, the Acolytes are sent to intercept the Logicians’ supply of illegal bio-tech before they can get it off world. But the long simmering division in the group lead to all out war between the Acolytes. Knowing the group was irrevocably sundered, Grendel used the most potent weapon in his arsenal to destroy both the Logicians and the elements within the cadre which he felt had outlived their usefulness.

The detonation of the nuclear blast leveled the city of Armaghast, and would have claimed the lives of both Helmet and Praetus had they not found a secret vault in the mines where they had originally planned to make their fortune. Though they survived the blast, the detonation caused the collapse of most of the mine shafts, trapping them in the darkness. But the shadows deep underground were far from empty.

The Sad Demise of Edgar Locke
Sesson 4


After spending months to infiltrate Hesk and create a power base of Sophano Prime, Contintus and Antellus recieved a communique bearing the Seal of the Inquisition. They answered the summons and met two men. The first was a Psyker named Xrel, whom they were informed would be assisting their efforts on Sophano Prime. The second was an agent of the Inquisition of some authority who introduced himself as Grendel. After giving an update on the progress made so far, Grendel informed the Acolytes that Edgar Locke had been off-world for some weeks and was returning to Sophano in just a few days. Grendel told the players that intercepting Locke and acquiring a copy of the contents of his data-slate may be the linchpin in this operation. Using Antellus’ status within Hesk as the Head of Security, the Acolytes were able to arrange a rendezvous with Locke at the space port. As Locke departed the vessel, his servitors unloaded a heavy crate. Using his Sense Presence, Xrel was able to discern something alive was imprisoned within. Much to Constintus’ surprise, Locke wasn’t alone. He was traveling with Morian, the head of the Churigeon’s mercenaries from Scintillia. Morian was traveling with two gunmen. Loche was suspicious of Antellus’ explanation that the extra security had been arranged due to increasing violence directed at Hesk. Nevertheless, he accepted the story and the Acolytes and Locke departed the space port. The Acolytes needed to seperate Locke from his data-slate long enough so they could attach it to the decryption engine Grendel had provided. Their plan was to provoke an attack on the convey using the same group of Puritans that they had roused to attack Hesk months earlier. However, some had other plans. The convey was ambushed before the Acolytes could put their plan in action, but it wasn’t by a dis-organized mob. The attackers were well trained and equipped, and managed to destroy the lead vehicle with an RPG after gunmen on both sides of the street opened fire. The Acolytes and their Hesk personnel, as well as Morian’s mercenaries, were all pinned by enemy fire. A short but brutal fire-fight ensued and Constintus (driving the second vehicle which contained Locke) managed to speed away from the ambush. In an odd stroke of luck Contintus lost control of the vehicle (the tire had been shot out) and rolled the car, knocking Locke unconsciousness. Dazed but still aware, Constintus used this opportunity to attach Locke’s data slate to the decryptor and download the contents. After additional Hesk security personal arrived on scene the attackers fled. But Antellus had been able to take a prisoner whom they questioned. It turned out Locke wasn’t was the target, but Contintus and Antellus. However, the contents of the data-slate were even more revealing. It listed chartist voyages into a forbidden region of the sector. Grendel authorized Locke to be seized and the crates contents recovered. Hesk’s Board of Director’s were deemed Excommunicate Traitoris. Once again using their control of Hesk’s internal security, the Acolytes arranged for an emergency to force the evacuation of the building. However, Locke was not among the evacuees. Again using Xrel’s Sense Presence, the Acolytes found a hidden lab below Hesk. Finding the entrace, the Acolytes descended into the darkness. Power was sporadic, causing the lights to flicker and fade. Gunfire and shouts could be heard from further ahead. And then nothing. Coming to the entrance of a vault door, the Acolytes found Locke, eviscerated and dying. He told the Acolytes that the thing they brought back wasn’t dead, as they thought. It was only dormant, waiting. Sealing the vault door behind them, the Acolytes locked themselves in the underground lab with whatever horror Locke had unearthed. Whispering prayers to the Emperor, the Acolytes probed deeper into the flickering darkness, as a rolling, deep laughter echoed from up ahead. The secret laboratory was stern with the corpses of Morian and his mercenaries, often partially skinned. Going deeper into the final antechamber the Acolytes found a grotesque figure wearing the skins of it’s victims, some foul entity of the warp that had long lain dormant until Locke dug it up and brought it to Sophano Prime. The Acolytes didn’t hesitate, hitting it with everything they had. But entire clips were empties into it, and still it came seemingly not feeling the pain. Terrible warp storms surged through the chamber as the creature spasmed and vomited, becoming a living portal to the warp for which other entities could break through into the material realm. The Acolytes were battered by walls of psychic energy and crushed and pummeled by invisible fists. Broken but not beaten, the Antellus roared and charged the creature, his chainsword finally cutting deep into the twisted, damned thing. Again and again he hacked, black ichor and gore spraying in all directions. He continued sawing and clubbing the twitching mass of flesh long after it was dead. Then they hunted down the other spawn that had been released during the battle. Only once any daemonic taint had been cleansed did the Acolytes rest.

Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions
Session 3


After abandoning the Ophiuchus Ascendent the players made planet fall at Armaghest, the capitol of the Confederated Northern Territories (one of the three large super-states on Sophano Prime). The Acolytes quickly began pursuing their own agendas. Praetus was hired as Head Geologist for Wellborne Surveying and Mapping. With access to satellite data and survey reports, Praetus was able to put his knowledge of mining and geology to find a potentially rich deposit of uranium. Uranium has little use on Sophano Prime, as much of planet is in a relatively low-tech state, only just seeing the wide spread use of steam power. Concurrently Helmet was using his newly aquired position within the Ministry of Trade and Export to falsify documents incriminating the legal owners of the uranium claim in violation of government laws and practices. The small company was fined heavily for their infractions, forcing them to look for outside investors.

At the same time Constintus and Antellus began investigating Hesk Bio-Technologies, examining their security flaws in the hopes they could create business for themselves as they were planning to establish their own private security firm. They managed to rouse a group of Puritans who decried Hesk’s bio-genetic research. The riot soon spiraled out of control and Hesk’s headquarters in Armaghest were over run by the mob. Constintus and Antellus intervened, organizing Hesk’s scattered security personal and saving the Board of Directors. For their efforts Hesk afforded them positions within the company. Antellus was made Assistant Director of Moral Authority and Constintus Head of Security.

Helmet alerted Constintus and Antellus about their plan to purchase controlling interest in the uranium mine. They agreed, but Constintus then informed Hesk of the deal. It was their intention that the Acolytes and Hesk could then purchase the entire enterprise, not just a portion of it. This was to the chagrin of Praetus, who felt it was dangerous to have Hesk so close to their operations. In the end a small trade war ensued, and the Acolytes managed to gain a controlling interest in the claim. Constintus was made Chief Executive Officer and retired from Hesk as the Head of Security. He nominated Antellus to succeed him at Hesk. The Acolytes, along with Hesk’s representative now represent the Board of Directors in their new firm (yet to named).

The final piece of the puzzle was Constintus making off-world inquires into bringing the necessary equipment to not only mine and extract the uranium, but to also refine and enrich it, thus becoming the first provider of nuclear energy on Sophano Prime. The board carried the motion, but to undertake the project a substantial investment was required. The company would need to either take on large debt, or look for public financing. A final decision has not yet been reached. During this time an attempt was made on Antellus’ life in his lodgings, a sniper taking a shot and wounding him. Antellus continues his own investigation, using his resources at Hesk to help track down the would-be assassin. So far he’s learned the identify of the gunmen, a killer for hire known as Harris Breld. Breld’s location remains unknown, although it is believed he remains in Armaghest.

Helmet was also pursuing his own career at this time, pushing for government research into future energy issues, in essence creating the precursor to a new Ministry of Energy. Helmet’s strategy paid off, with him getting little credit for the creation of this new branch of government yet remaining a valuable asset to those who would run it. Helmet successfully maneuvered himself into position to discreetly control and influence the direction and implementation of policy regarding the Acolytes’ new enterprise.

After six months on Sophano the Acolytes are posed to control what may soon become the most valuable resource on the planet, with influence amongst both government and private agencies. But while the Acolytes have gained considerable power and wealth, they haven’t come any closer to learning about Edgar Locke or Hesks’ suspected ties to tech-heretics.

Ophiuchus Ascendent
Session 2


While Praetus healed from wounds suffered from when the Churigeon’s lab exploded, Constintus assisted Inquisitor Abraxis as they hunt down the Logicians. Joined by Helmat Blut, the group (with the help of the Arbites) begins exploring leads. But suddenly Abraxis is called away to the Tricorn Palace, and a new Inquisitor is put in charge of the investigation. Inquisitor Nicodemus and his intermediary, Savant Belgrin, quickly change the focus of the hunt. Leaving the scattered Logicians on Scintillia to the Arbites, the Acolytes (now joined by Praetus) are given a new Inquisitorial Mandate: Investigate Edgar Locke and his company Hesk Bio-technologies. There are rumors coming that the Logicians (or perhaps another tech cult) are operating on Sophano Prime. The team is to move in secret to the planet and create a cover for future operations. Given ten-thousand Gelt to cover expenses, the group books passage aboard the bulkt freighter Ophiuchus Ascendent. The six week journey leaves the players with time to learn much about the ship and it’s crew, including a flesh eating Psyker and her band of cronies who prey on passengers and crew, selling off the remains to husk scavangers and black market organ dealers. Praetus and Antellus are commisioned by Captain Gage to destroy the threat. They succeed, but the risk of contamination and warp taint prompts the Acolytes to send a message to their master. Upon arriving at Sophano Prime the Ophiuchus is greeted by an Imperial Navy destroyer. Fearing a purge of the crew and passengers, the Acolytes warn the command staff. The Captain and his aids (along with their families) flee the ship to Sophano and the rest of the crew takes control of the freighter. The Ophiuchus enters Warp Space, quickly followed by the destroyer. News later reaches the Acolytes that both ships were lost in a catastrophic accident. The Navigator on the Ophiuchus got an astrophatic message out that their Gellar field had collapsed. Contact has been lost with both vessels, and they’re presumed destroyed. .

On The Edge of Darkness
Session 1


A body found on a transit car of the Sillibus division rail system usually prompts little in the way of interest or concern, but unusual lesions and contusions suggested some more then a simple mugging or gang violence. The autopsy revealed more, much more. The victim, Saul Arbest, had received advanced gene-therapy and synthetic organs transplants, the work of a talented and resourceful bio-sculptor. The Inquisition quickly took interest, as did the Machinest Prefect of the Cult Mechanicus templum in Sillibus. They agreed to work together, covertly, so track down the source of the illegal tech. Praetus Khan was selected from amongst the ranks of the Adepta Mechanicus to assist in the investigation. The Inquisition was operating behind a smoke screen, using the Adminastratum as a front for their activities. Praetus and his body guard, Constintus, were placed under cover in the Coscarla District of Hive Sillibus. It took them little time to learn that something was very wrong in the bestricken region. They eventually uncovered a mercenary outfit under the command of a man named Morian was working for a renegade Tech-Prest who called herself the Churigeon. The Churigeon was associated with a group that called itself the Logicians. Infiltrating the Logicians hideout Praetus and Constintus destroyed the Churigeon’s, revealed the Logicians presence, and recovered some data on their activities.


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