Arcadius Khan

"He knows what's out there. That's why he's crying."


Career Path: Imperial Psyker. Rank: Aspirant. Home World: Mind Cleansed.

APPEARANCE Gender: Male. Build: Skeletal Complexion: Milky. Height: 1.75m. Weight: 55 kg. Eyes: Black. Hair: Auburn. Age: 31.

CHARACTERISTICS WS 20. BS 40. Str 20. T 43. Ag 40. Int 20. Per 40. WP 60. Fel 15. Wounds: 12. Fate Points: 2. Insanity Points: 7. Remembrance: 0.

BASIC SKILLS Awareness (Per): +10. Deceive (Fel): Skilled. Dodge (Ag): Skilled. Intimidate (Str): Skilled. Common Lore – Tech (Int): Unskilled. Survival (Int): Unskilled.

ADVANCED SKILLS Speak Language – Low Gothic: Skilled. Psyniscience (Per): Skilled. Invocation (WP): Skilled. Literacy (Int): Skilled. Trade – Merchant (Int): Skilled. Secret Tongue – Acolyte (Int): Skilled. Forbidden Lore – Psychers (Int): Skilled. Forbidden Lore – Warp (Int): Skilled.

WEAPON TRAINING Melee Weapon Training – Primitive. Pistol Training – Lase. Basic Weapon Training – Lase.

TALENTS Jaded. Psy Rating 2. Quick Draw. Rapid Reaction. Rapid Reload. Paranoia. Light Sleeper.

TRAITS Jaded. Imperial Condition. Failsafe Control. Through a Dark Mirror. Memory: Sole Survivor. Witch Prickling. Sanctioning Brand.

MINOR PSYCHIC POWERS Sense Presence. Precognition. Unnatural Aim. Call Item. Distort Vision.

WEAPONS Axe. Staff. Psykana Mercy Blade. Compact Lase Pistol (1 charge pack).

GEAR Quilted Vest and Tattered Robes. Bone Dice. Psy-Focus. Shard of Cermite Armour. Throne Gelt: 53.

EXPERIENCE Spent: 1950. XP Saved: 50.

SPENT XP Willpower +5 (100). Willpower +5 (250). Willpower +5 (500). Psy Rating 2 (200). Quick Draw (100). Rapid Reload (100). Rapid Reaction (100). Awareness (100). Awareness +10 (100). Dodge (100). Paranoia (100). Light Sleeper (100). Basic Weapon Training – Lase (100).


Arcadius Khan

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