Drevin Malkaron


Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Battalion: The Synford 420th Mechanized

From the nearby Imperial Agri-world of Percipre, Drevin Malkaron relocated to the Forge World of Synford to train in the Imperial Guard as a Tank Commander with the Synford 232nd Armoured Fists at age 18. During the final, randomly generated training test, luck was not on Drevin’s side as the computer simulator pitted his Leman Russ Battle Tank against 5 Chaos Predators. Odds such as they were, failure was inevitable.

Having failed the last test, Drevin was, bitterly, transferred out of Tank Commander training over to MP training. Following this training, Drevin was assigned as an MP to the 232nd and achieved the rank of 1st lieutenant.

At age 26, Drevin was reassigned to the Synford 420th Mechanized for the hasty formation of the Josian Expeditionary Force. This led to his transiting from his home sub-sector of Hazeroth to the neighbouring Josian sub-sector, eventually finding his way onto the troop transport Cassilda, in orbit around the world of Abandoned Hope…

Drevin Malkaron

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