Interrogator Grendel

A senior agent for Inquisitor Nicodemus.


Interrogator Grendal is an Interrogator for Inquisitor Nicodemus and it is rumored he will be granted his Seal of Office and join the ranks of the Inquisition soon. Grendel, like his master, has a ruthless streak that has made him more than a few enemies, including the Acolytes it seems. Grendel was responsible for detonating the atomic device that leveled the city of Armaghest and buried Praetus and Helmet in the vault they unearthed outside the city.

He was then seen five years later on the Hesiod’s Wake, apparently working undercover and attempting to foment unrest in the town of Elberton. While his goals remain unknown, he was trying to secure the girl Ariella. He seemed willing to kill her if unable to take her alive, rather than let her fall into the Acolytes hands.

Interrogator Grendel

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