Rogue Tech-Priest and member of the Logicians.


Much of her remains unknown to the Acolytes, having been classified by the Inquisition. What is known is the Churigeon is a tech-priest who went rogue some years ago and joined the heretical Logician cult. She is an expert bio-sculpter and specializes in xeno biology and human/xeno gene splicing. Her capture is a priority of the Tri-Corn Palace on Scintillia, where she has been classified as Hereticus Extremis. Here current whereabouts are unknown, but she was lost spotted in the Coscarla district of Hive Sillibus on Scintillia. She had been using the local population as part of her experiments in grafting synthetic organs into human hosts. After her operations were shut down evidence was found linking her to Hesk Bio Technologies on Sophano Prime.

Status: At large


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