Inquisitor Abraxis

An outspoken critic of his peers and unpopular with the factions due to his refusal to take a side.


Abraxis is fairly young by the standards of the Inquisition, only some forty standard years old. Talented and tenacious Abraxis quickly earned his Seal. But he has always stood firmly against the political in-fighting within the Inquisition, and has refused to take sides. Abraxis has never been afraid to openly criticize the methods of some of his peers and this has made him unpopular in some quarters. If it wasn’t for his close ties to Earth (rare, even among Lord Inquisitors) he may have already felt the wraith of the Tyrantine Cabal directed towards him.

Abraxis was in charge of the investigation into the Churigeon and the Logicians operations on Scintinia, but was unexpectedly called away. Inquisitor Nicodemus was appointed to lead the case Abraxis’ absence.

Abraxis returned unexpectedly to the Calaxian Sector and rescued the Acolytes and Ariella from a daemonic incursion, calling on the legendary Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter for aid during the rescue attempt. Such a favour does not come cheap, and Abraxis must place great value on the lives of the Acolytes or Ariella.

Inquisitor Abraxis

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