Praetus Khan

Tech Priest.


Career Path: Tech Priest Rank: Tech-Priest Home World: Mind Cleansed Title: Saboteur

APPEARANCE Gender: Male. Build: Spindly. Complexion: Milky. Height: 2.1 meters. Weight: 75 kilograms. Eyes: Violet. Body Hair: Auburn. Quirks: Large Bald Head. Age: 42.

CHARACTERISTICS WS 20 BS 55 Str 20 (30) T 40 Ag 48 Int 45 Per 20 WP 50 Fel 15 Wounds: 19 Fate Points: 6 Insanity Points: 3 Remembrance: 8

BASIC SKILLS Deceive (Fel): Skilled Intimidate (Str): Skilled Common Lore – Tech (Int): Unskilled Survival (Int): Unskilled Logic (Int): Skilled Evaluate (Int): Skilled Dodge (Int): Skilled

ADVANCED SKILLS Speak Language – Low Gothic: Skilled Secret Tongue – Tech (Int): Skilled Literacy (Int): Skilled Trade – Copyist (Int): Skilled Trade – Armourer (Int): +20 Tech Use (Int): +20 Demolitions (Int): +10 Security (Ag): +20 Drive – Walker (Ag): +20 *Secret Tongue – Acolyte (Int): Skilled *Common Lore – Machine Cult (Int): Skilled *Forbidden Lore – Archeotech (Int): Skilled *Forbidden Lore – Adeptus Mechanicus (Int): Skilled *TBA

WEAPON TRAINING Melee Weapon Training – Primitive Pistol Training – Lase Basic Weapon Training – Lase Basic Weapon Training – Launcher Basic Weapon Training – Melta Heavy Weapons Training – SP

TALENTS Electro Graft Use Iron Jaw Mechandrite Use (Utility) Mimic Sound Constitution: 6 Technical Knock Total Recall Binary Chatter

TRAITS Failsafe Control Imperial Condition Through a Dark Mirror Mechanicus Implants

CYBERNETICS Cranial Circuitry: Cerebral anchorage points. Cyber-Eyes: Telescopic Vision, Photo Vision, Infra-Red Vision. Cyber-Mantle: Body anchorage points. Electoo Conductors: Emit or siphon power. Electro-Graft: Data port. +10 Tech-Use. Potentia Coil: Power source. Respirator Unit: +20% resist air-born toxins & gas weapons. Utility Mechadendrite: +10 Tech-Use.

WEAPONS Metal Staff Knife 2 Steel Burners Long Lase Grenade Launcher Melta Gun Walker (Auto Cannon)

ARMOUR Dragon Scale Armor: 9 all

GEAR Glow Lamp Data Slate Mechanicus Robes 1 Vial Sacred Machine Oil 9 Spare Parts 45 kg Explosives Throne Gelt: 950

EXPERIENCE Spent: 4300 XP Saved: 150


A voice of truth, Praetus went through many trials: betrayed by his own disciples, dragged around unconcious by out-of-control servators, his face melted off by “lasers”, blown up in a building with a self destruct sequence, arrested for forgery, beaten while in custody, grew boils all over his remaining flesh, sold out by his dearest friend, nuked by his own bosses, and finally mind cleansed; some might say that Praetus led a hard life. But through it all Praetus kept a simple and noble goal in life…to purge.

Praetus Khan

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