Career: Templar Calix of the Scholastia Psykana (Imperial Psyker) Rank: Templar Secundus HomeWorld: Feral World (Dusk)

Appearance Gender:male; Build:lean; Age: 35; Coloration: black skin, yellow eyes, no hair; Quirks: tribal tattooing

Characteristics WS:45, BS:30, S:35, T:27, Ag:35, Int:40, Per:50, WP:55, Fel:28, Wounds:12, Fate Points:5, Insanity:8, Corruption:7, Movement:3/6/9/18

Skills and Talents (3500/3500)

  • Speak Language: Dusk Cant, Low Gothic
  • Psyniscience
  • Invocation
  • Trade (Soothsayer)
  • Literacy
  • Primitive (-10 tech use, -10 fellowship)
  • Wilderness Savvy
  • Bad Blood (Insanity +3, Corruption +2, Per +3, WP +3)
  • Dark Tales (Common lore (Dusk Folklore))
  • Little Left to Fear (reduce Fear, Fate Points -1)
  • Melee Weapon training (Primitive)
  • Pistol Weapon training (Las)
  • Psy Rating 1 (minors: chameleon, sense presence)
  • Living Nightmare (WP +5, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Insanity +5, Unreadable Mind) (300XP)
  • Awareness (100XP)
  • Paranoia (Init +2) (100XP)
  • WP Simple (+5) (100XP)
  • WP Intermediate (+5) (250XP)
  • Psy Rating 2 (minors: fearful aura, healer, touch of madness, wall walk, weapon jinx) (200XP)
  • Dodge (100XP)
  • Per Simple (+5) (100XP)
  • Awareness +10 (100XP)
  • Int Simple (+5) (100XP)
  • Leap Up (100XP)
  • Light Sleeper (100XP)
  • Int Intermediate (+5) (250XP)
  • Quick Draw (100XP)
  • Psy Rating 3 (major: divination: precog strike; minors: call item, distort vision, dull pain) (200XP)
  • Melee Weapon Training (power) (100XP)
  • WS Simple (+15) (100XP)
  • Swift Attack (100XP)
  • Psy Rating 4 (majors: div: divine shot, precog dodge, preter aware; minors: float, spectral hands, white noise) (300XP)
  • Blademaster (100XP)
  • Acrobatics (100XP)
  • Ag Simple (+5) (500XP)
  • Forbidden Lore (warp, psykers) (0XP)
  • Common Lore (Imperium) (0XP)
  • Secret Tongue(acolyte) (0XP)


  • Sanctioning side effect: Irradiance (You have seen the true power of the Golden Throne. You have no hair anywhere upon your body, face or head)
  • Tribal Taboo: Spirit Shackle
  • Imperial Divination: “There is no substitute for Zeal” T +2, WP +2
  • Title: Crusader of Saint Arcalia
  • Breached Jericho Keep (+5 Fel, +5 WP)


Armor Xeno Mesh, Mesh Cowl, Cameleoline Cloak, Synskin

Weapons compact las pistol (3 charge packs), knife, Hell pistol (2 charge packs) w/ laser sight, Power sword

Misc dark clothing, psy-focus, sanctioning brand, Feral Healers Kit, Filtration plugs, IR Goggles, Microbead

Thrones: 1718



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