The War for the Emperor's Soul

The Witch Finder

Session 10


The Acolytes tried to escape but security within the palace was fast and effecient. It was just a few short minutes before Storm Troopers and other agents were hunting for the Acolytes, and a brutal though swift firefight ensued. Praetus took the opprotuntiy to use the newly found powers granted to him by the Void Dragon and sprouted a pair of mechanical bat-like wings. He flew high above the crowd and sailed out of the sealed off Library. Soon after Storm Troopers, seeing they were loosing containment, blew up the main entrance to the library while teams moved in from other positions. Only Praetus and Antellus made it out, by they were confronted by dozens of security personel and were quickly subdued. Constintus, Xrel, and Helmet found an old abandoned passageway as they dodged patrols in the burning, smoking library. It eventually wound down a little used passage in the Palace that led down to an old boat landing. It was sealed with a heavy blast door, and Helmut prayed to the Saint Ayrlia to guide them. He was granted a vision of the code that woudl open the door. They made it out, just before Grendal found them. On the long abandoned dock they found a vessel with some fuel in the sheltered cove.

Contintus, Xrel, and Helmut went out into the stinking, polluted sea and skirted the coast until they found a small settlement. From there they made it into the Hive and Constintus took his family on his wife’s yaught.

During this time Praetus and Antellus were being interogated by Grendel and Witch Finder Tyrantus. For three months they endured physical and psychological torture, but neither revealed any information. Eventually Antellus was abel to engineer his own escape. He found and freed Praetus and togther (with help of men loayl to Sand), they fled the Tricorn Palace. Before they fled Scintillia in search of their comrades, they ambushed a convey carrying the personal effects of the Witch Finder. They recovered their confiscated gear, as well as a number of items that belonged to the Witch Finder, including his suit of Power Armour. They then fled Scintillia.

Two years passed before the Acolytes were reunited on the world of Malfi.



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