The War for the Emperor's Soul

The House of Dust and Ash

Session 13 - Unlucky for Some


The Acolytes quickly realized that something was amiss at the House of Dust and Ash. Beyond the strange array of guests for the auction, and the strange disappearances there was the matter that communications were being jammed by what appeared to be military grade hardware plus several void shield generators were found around the site. Praetus and Helmut went about scouting the the crematorium complex. They found the shrouded tomb of the Haarlock line, and the disturbing murals on locked side passages.

During the first night there, Preatus had a near encounter with one guest, a gentleman by the name of Master Nonesuch, who clearly was something more then human when he collapsed his body and slipped between a door frame into another guests room, only to emerge some minutes licking his lips.

At the showing of the Gilded Widow Preatus and Helmut managed to kill the High Mourner as the 13 hour count down began and the Mourners started massacring the guests. Preatus and Helmut eventually hunted down Haarlock’s other descendant and kill him and offer his blood to the Gilded Widow, allowing the two of them to flee the House of Dust. They rendezvoused with the other Acolytes after Inquisitor Marr’s troops were deployed to the island and began rounding up any witnesses. The Acolytes managed to save most of the Artifacts from destruction.


Dead Town’s history has been long and brutal; full of war, betrayal and human suffering. Yet no mystery of the town is greater than the time a stranger appeared at her gates and called upon the Crow Father. And just as soon as he appeared, he vanished like a dream in the night.

The House of Dust and Ash

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