The War for the Emperor's Soul

Strange Tides

Session 15


The Acolytes were able to make port at the Kellman Shipyards, a centre for illegal trade within the Hyades sub-sector. The Eternal Vigilance took on fuel and supplies and then made for Imperial space. After arriving at Fenksworld they received an astropathic message from Interrogator Sand. Inquistor Abraxis had been arrested by Witch Finder Tyrantus and taken to an unknown location. At this time is became known there was a mole on board the Eternal Vigilance. The Acolytes fed the mole misinformation, luring the Witch Finder into a trap on the world of Soloman, where Inquistor Marr lent them what aid he could.

In an abandoned amusement park the Acolytes sprung their trap on the Witch Finder. The Acolytes had prepared their chosen battleground well, having rigged much of the park with explosive traps, but the Witch Finder game in with ample firepower of his own. A whole platoon of storm troopers, himself, Interrogator Grendal, and four Sisters of Battle. The ensuing battle saw the almost complete destruction of the park at the Witch Finder brought more troops to bear against the entrenched Acolytes. The Skipper, a new dreadnought body, tried to destroy his tormentor Preatus but ultimately the Tech Priest prevailed when he destroyed the Skipper’s head a blast from his meltagun. Helmut fared equally well, managing to beat Interrogator Grendel in single combat and take him alive for questioning. Constintus met the enemy head on, taking on Tyrantus and his body guard of battle sisters. The lone guardsmen made his last stand in the house of mirrors, felling Tyrantus before being over come by the Adepta Sororitas. He was last seen blazing away with his assault cannon as the entire structure collapsed down around him, burying him and the sisters under tonnes of ruble, allowing the remaining Acolytes to escape with Grendel.



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