The War for the Emperor's Soul

Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions

Session 3


After abandoning the Ophiuchus Ascendent the players made planet fall at Armaghest, the capitol of the Confederated Northern Territories (one of the three large super-states on Sophano Prime). The Acolytes quickly began pursuing their own agendas. Praetus was hired as Head Geologist for Wellborne Surveying and Mapping. With access to satellite data and survey reports, Praetus was able to put his knowledge of mining and geology to find a potentially rich deposit of uranium. Uranium has little use on Sophano Prime, as much of planet is in a relatively low-tech state, only just seeing the wide spread use of steam power. Concurrently Helmet was using his newly aquired position within the Ministry of Trade and Export to falsify documents incriminating the legal owners of the uranium claim in violation of government laws and practices. The small company was fined heavily for their infractions, forcing them to look for outside investors.

At the same time Constintus and Antellus began investigating Hesk Bio-Technologies, examining their security flaws in the hopes they could create business for themselves as they were planning to establish their own private security firm. They managed to rouse a group of Puritans who decried Hesk’s bio-genetic research. The riot soon spiraled out of control and Hesk’s headquarters in Armaghest were over run by the mob. Constintus and Antellus intervened, organizing Hesk’s scattered security personal and saving the Board of Directors. For their efforts Hesk afforded them positions within the company. Antellus was made Assistant Director of Moral Authority and Constintus Head of Security.

Helmet alerted Constintus and Antellus about their plan to purchase controlling interest in the uranium mine. They agreed, but Constintus then informed Hesk of the deal. It was their intention that the Acolytes and Hesk could then purchase the entire enterprise, not just a portion of it. This was to the chagrin of Praetus, who felt it was dangerous to have Hesk so close to their operations. In the end a small trade war ensued, and the Acolytes managed to gain a controlling interest in the claim. Constintus was made Chief Executive Officer and retired from Hesk as the Head of Security. He nominated Antellus to succeed him at Hesk. The Acolytes, along with Hesk’s representative now represent the Board of Directors in their new firm (yet to named).

The final piece of the puzzle was Constintus making off-world inquires into bringing the necessary equipment to not only mine and extract the uranium, but to also refine and enrich it, thus becoming the first provider of nuclear energy on Sophano Prime. The board carried the motion, but to undertake the project a substantial investment was required. The company would need to either take on large debt, or look for public financing. A final decision has not yet been reached. During this time an attempt was made on Antellus’ life in his lodgings, a sniper taking a shot and wounding him. Antellus continues his own investigation, using his resources at Hesk to help track down the would-be assassin. So far he’s learned the identify of the gunmen, a killer for hire known as Harris Breld. Breld’s location remains unknown, although it is believed he remains in Armaghest.

Helmet was also pursuing his own career at this time, pushing for government research into future energy issues, in essence creating the precursor to a new Ministry of Energy. Helmet’s strategy paid off, with him getting little credit for the creation of this new branch of government yet remaining a valuable asset to those who would run it. Helmet successfully maneuvered himself into position to discreetly control and influence the direction and implementation of policy regarding the Acolytes’ new enterprise.

After six months on Sophano the Acolytes are posed to control what may soon become the most valuable resource on the planet, with influence amongst both government and private agencies. But while the Acolytes have gained considerable power and wealth, they haven’t come any closer to learning about Edgar Locke or Hesks’ suspected ties to tech-heretics.


Blah, blah, blah…let’s go through the motions. Why leave out the passion? Why not log the longing of a tortured soul? Helmet knows how if feels to be incomplete. Yet, he does not merely stand idly by and complain. No, he takes risks and follows his heart for “love”, a concept some other party members couldn’t possibly understand. No again you miss the point of this session. Helmet acted on this love and that is the true measure of a man. The love for severed hands not only Helmut’s story‚Ķit is all of ours.


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