The War for the Emperor's Soul

Acolytes, Interupted

Session 11


In the two years the Acolytes were separated, Constintus and Helmut had been establishing themselves on the world of Malfi and were continuing the second part of their mission, to track down the Eldar and have them confirm the presence of a Warp Gate on Pilgrim’s Pause. When contact was established with Preatus and Antellus they quickly made contact with a local dealer in xeno tech named Alistair. He was a wealthy man who brokered deals between suppliers of xeno artifacts and buyers. When the Acolytes ambushed his motorcade and took him prisoner, he seemed surprisingly unshaken, given how easily the Acolytes had dispatched his security teams and that Helmut had actually been in his vehicle the whole time.

Nevertheless, he cooperated grudgingly with the Acolytes (who were posing as a xeno-tech syndicate) and led them to his warehouse where most of his goods passed through. He dismissed the on-site security and led them to his office where he showed him his current stock, some sort of pistol like weapon, a smooth amber gem which seemed to reflect the light strangely, and a broken, scarab like device. The Acolytes were interested in Eldar technology, and so questioned Alistair regarding where the shipments came from. His got his ledger out of the safe and handed it to the Acolytes. At this time they began examining the good. Xrel picked up the amber gem and without warning disappeared.

The gem was actually an Eldar Soulstone, and the spirit within had made contact with Zrel’s mind (as he was a psyker). A few moments later Xrel reappaered, and told the Acolytes this was an Eldar artifact and that he was in contact with it the consciousness within. Preatus went to examine the mechanical beetle, but as soon as he touched it a spark lept between him and it, and it suddenly sprung to life and skittered away. Both Alistair and the Acolytes were startled but the sudden development, and Alistair lost his temple and told the “amateurs” to get out and return his property. Suddenly the beetle lept out from behind some furniture and scuttled up Preatus’ back, where it began boring into his back. Preatus felt the creature interfacing with the strange nano-machines in his blood, and he felt it taking control of his central nervous system.



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