The War for the Emperor's Soul

Scavenging 101

Session 20


A few hours after the survivors had flooded the old reservoir, they heard a commotion up above, from where they had entered the lower levels. Someone had opened the door out into the wastes. The Psyker peered into the warp, and sensed several groups on the surface. The group quickly took up defensive positions and waited. A single man came running down the stairs, caked in dust. He was obviously being chased. He stumbled into the survivors and identified himself as an Imperial Psyker, and that he was being hunted by Archaos guardsmen. He joined the group in hiding, and when the half dozen Archaos troopers came into the building looking they listened carefully. The troopers weren’t overly concerned with finding the lone survivor, and left thinking he was as good as dead out in the wastes with no gear.

As the troopers returned to the surface, the Assassin followed carefully. The door was still open and had to be closed before the radioactive fallout could get in. He saw the troopers were wearing chemical warfare gear, and he contemplated taking one of them out for the protection the suits might offer. There were too many, however, and he decided to bar and seal the door, and return to the lower levels.

The new comer informed them that he had come from a small outpost to the south west. His escape pod landed there, and he soon found what he thought was a rescue party was actually a team sent to kill him so he fled into the foot hills and found the refinery and the group.

The Psykers later tried to detect if further Archaos troops were in the area, and opened their mind to the warp. This time, however, something gazed back. There was a flicker in the air, and for a split second a window to the Etherium was opened. Though thankfully brief, the momentary fissure in the barrier between the worlds allowed the group to perceive the swirling energies of the Immaterium and the entities that inhabit that place. Everyone fell to the ground unconscious. A glimpse into the raw, swollen heart of Chaos is enough to drive most men mad, and the group was lucky the intrusion was just for a split second. They awoke some minutes later, shaken but alive. But something was there watching over them. Startled, the stranger introduced himself as Helmut Blutt, another survivor who had been in the tunnel for several days now. He had made planet fall with the Archoas companies earlier. Skeptical, the group wanted to know why he was here. Blutt then revealed his Inquisitorial Rosette, revealing himself as none other then a Throne Agent of some seniority. The guardsmen immediately fell in line behind him, glad to have someone on the ground who knew what was going on.

They made camp in a storage room down in the tunnels, and there Helmut told them his story of how he came to be here. He was on a mission, and his mandate brought him to Abandoned Hope where he caught scent of his objectives. But he soon learned another Inquisitor was calling the shots here, and Helmut did not trust this Lady Wrathbone yet. He slipped into the JEF as just another anonymous, grey robbed adept and stowed away on a shuttle when the first squads started landing. He is not privy to what Lady Wrathbone is looking for, but he believes she’s looking for in the capital city of Dammerung, beyond the desert and mountains to the north. The bulk of the Archaos forces are based there. When he learned of the betrayal, he immediate began making plans to journey to the capital, convinced that Wrathbone was somehow connected to his own quest.

It was nearing night by this time, and not all of them had survived their first day on Abandoned Hope. One was dead and another badly maimed. The wounded soldier was in a fitful, feverish sleep. The rest ate rations and slept. They were awakened by strange mumblings. The wounded man was speaking in his sleep, but he was talking in some strange language that could not understand. After his contact with the creature from below, and the warp flicker that had caused them all to fall unconscious earlier, they feared possession and shot him in his sleep. A strange burning smell was soon detected, and wisps of smoke arising from his clothing. The party left and made camp elsewhere, fearing the unnatural aura that hung about the body. The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

It was decided that the current refinery wasn’t safe. They had no idea what else lurked in the darkness, the Archaos troops knew at least one person was here, and there was no food or supplies to speak of. Helmut had intended to travel west, along an underground rail line. He wasn’t sure where it went, but he hoped it connected with the main trunk that went straight to Dammerung. They had no idea how long they would be, but the underground tunnel would allow them to travel without risking exposure to radioactive fallout blanketing the surface.

But first they needed supplies, they only had enough food for one day and couldn’t count on finding anything in the tunnel. They knew there was a mess hall on the surface that might still have rations, but first they would need protective gear before they could get it. They searched the tunnels and scrounged up some jerry cans for water and some old hazmat suits. While they weren’t maintained, they would probably allow moderate protection and allow them to retrieve the food. Armed thus, they went to the surface and started searching for supplies. On the second level of the mess they found several pallets of persevered rations. They also found a four wheeled bin they push along to store all the food and water in, as there was more than they could reasonably carry themselves.

However, at that moment the psykers detected a low flying aircraft approaching. Taking cover, the aircraft boomed over head, unseen in the brownish haze that filled the sky. Visibility was limited, with falling ash and dust making it impossible to see more than a couple of dozen meters. They heard something though, to the north. It was a large band of feral mutants stampeding right towards them. Something had caused them to panic and now they were running madly. It didn’t take long to find out what. A small team of Archaos troopers were in a vehicle, pursuing them. They were firing wildly into the mob, and tossing crude fire bombs into the mass. The group took up position, ready to ambush the Archaos forces.

Not expecting any sort of resistance, the troopers were totally surprised when suddenly they come under coordinated, focused fire. Psychic lightening lanced into them. Gun fire wracked them. It was over in just a few moments, they didn’t even get a chance to return fire. The group of survivors than finished up any mutants in the way, took some ammunition from the recon truck’s heavy stubber, and set the bodies in the back. Than they rigged the jeep to drive out into the wastes, back where it came. Hopefully it would throw off any pursuing forces.

They than returned below ground with their supplies, and set off down the tunnel before more mutants or Archaos showed up.



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