The War for the Emperor's Soul


Session 14


After the incident at the House of Dust and Ash, Helmut returned to Inquisitor Marr for a debriefing. Marr seemed to take the news of everything in stride, until he heard of the Gilded Widow. He motioned for Helmut to leave his office. Helmut slipped back into Marr’s private chambers to find out what was going on. Inside he saw Marr gently weeping over the picture of a young woman. Remembering some of the Gilded Widow’s cryptic messages, Helmut surmised that the Gilded Widow was actually Inquisitor Marr’s long lost daughter. He left a message for Marr and two days later was contacted by the old man.

The two spoke for some time, and in the end Helmut felt Marr could be trusted. Marr offered the remains of the House of Dust and Ash to Helmut and entrusted care of the recovered items from auction to him.

After that, following clues give to them by the Gilded Widow, the Acolytes returned to the Eternal Vigilance and made for the coreward border of the Calixes sector. Beyond there lay another sub-sector that had fallen into decay after being isolated by a massive warp-storm for two centuries. They made port at Fenksworld to take on supplies. While there, Helmut managed to deftly dispose of a corrupt banking cartel’s board of directors and ensure that the new board that was elected was sympathetic to him and his causes.

It took two weeks to bring on new crew and additional supplies, plus make some simple repairs to the Eternal Vigilance. Antellus told his navigator’s to head coreward, beyond the boarders of Imperial controlled space into what was once the Hyades sub-sector. They encountered nothing during the eight week journey to the coordinates given to them by the Gilded Widow. When they emerged from the warp they found they were in a nebula, and scans revealed they were near an unusual energy signature. Following it they encountered what could only have been an Eldar Warpgate, large enough to move capital ships through. Using the Eldar stone, Xrel entered a trans and made telepathic contact, although the effort was extremely taxing.

Several days later a sleek Eldar battle cruiser emerged and ordered the Eternal Vigilance to stand down. Antellus complied, and himself, Preatus, Helmut and Xrel went across the Eldar vessel. The Acolytes made their first contact with the enigmatic Eldar, and it went well, all things considered. They returned the soul stone and in return a Farseer sat with them and counseled them on what they saw on Pilgrim’s Pause. They were assured that Preatus found on Pilgrim’s Pause, it was no gate to the Webway, and the creature he saw on the otherside could never enter the Webway nor the warp. The Farseer seemed sympathetic to their cause, and hinted that further cooperation between the two parties might be beneficial in the future.



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