The War for the Emperor's Soul

Ophiuchus Ascendent

Session 2


While Praetus healed from wounds suffered from when the Churigeon’s lab exploded, Constintus assisted Inquisitor Abraxis as they hunt down the Logicians. Joined by Helmat Blut, the group (with the help of the Arbites) begins exploring leads. But suddenly Abraxis is called away to the Tricorn Palace, and a new Inquisitor is put in charge of the investigation. Inquisitor Nicodemus and his intermediary, Savant Belgrin, quickly change the focus of the hunt. Leaving the scattered Logicians on Scintillia to the Arbites, the Acolytes (now joined by Praetus) are given a new Inquisitorial Mandate: Investigate Edgar Locke and his company Hesk Bio-technologies. There are rumors coming that the Logicians (or perhaps another tech cult) are operating on Sophano Prime. The team is to move in secret to the planet and create a cover for future operations. Given ten-thousand Gelt to cover expenses, the group books passage aboard the bulkt freighter Ophiuchus Ascendent. The six week journey leaves the players with time to learn much about the ship and it’s crew, including a flesh eating Psyker and her band of cronies who prey on passengers and crew, selling off the remains to husk scavangers and black market organ dealers. Praetus and Antellus are commisioned by Captain Gage to destroy the threat. They succeed, but the risk of contamination and warp taint prompts the Acolytes to send a message to their master. Upon arriving at Sophano Prime the Ophiuchus is greeted by an Imperial Navy destroyer. Fearing a purge of the crew and passengers, the Acolytes warn the command staff. The Captain and his aids (along with their families) flee the ship to Sophano and the rest of the crew takes control of the freighter. The Ophiuchus enters Warp Space, quickly followed by the destroyer. News later reaches the Acolytes that both ships were lost in a catastrophic accident. The Navigator on the Ophiuchus got an astrophatic message out that their Gellar field had collapsed. Contact has been lost with both vessels, and they’re presumed destroyed. .


Again, gross oversights. The main problem overcame during this part of the adventure was not a mere psychic mutant, but in fact the corruption of law enforcement in a society bogged down by the machine of bureaucracy. Who looks out for the little guy? I will tell you who: Praetus and Helmut! They investigated this corruption by going under cover as petty criminals, and once they discover it’s source, took quick and decisive action so that it would never happen again upon that ship. That is that is the real story my friend. That’s what really mattered.

Ophiuchus Ascendent

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