The War for the Emperor's Soul

No One Lives Forever

Session 5


With the demise of Hesk and Edgar Locke, the Acolytes are sent to intercept the Logicians’ supply of illegal bio-tech before they can get it off world. But the long simmering division in the group lead to all out war between the Acolytes. Knowing the group was irrevocably sundered, Grendel used the most potent weapon in his arsenal to destroy both the Logicians and the elements within the cadre which he felt had outlived their usefulness.

The detonation of the nuclear blast leveled the city of Armaghast, and would have claimed the lives of both Helmet and Praetus had they not found a secret vault in the mines where they had originally planned to make their fortune. Though they survived the blast, the detonation caused the collapse of most of the mine shafts, trapping them in the darkness. But the shadows deep underground were far from empty.



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