The War for the Emperor's Soul

Loose Ends

Sesson 17


As the amusement park came crashing down in a massive conflagration, the Acolytes became separated. Preatus was able to make contact with Antellus aboard the Eternal Vigilance, and he came down on a shuttle to extract Preatus from the crumbling hive structure. Once on board the shuttle things went quickly awry. Somebody had sabotaged the shuttle and tried to kill everyone on board. Preatus was able to regain control of the stricken craft and it became apparently that there was a full blown mutiny occurring on the Eternal Vigilance. The ships Chief Enginseer was on the bridge and was trying to countermand Antellus’s command codes. Preatus was able to regain control of parts of the ship’s Cogitator Array remotely and learned that the two mercenaries he and Antellus had double-crossed were the leaders of the mutiny.

Overriding command codes Preatus re-actived all the Servitor’s on the ship and began using them to retake the bridge before the mutineers could bring the Eternal Vigilance’s guns to bear on the shuttle. The plan worked, and the servators were able to kill the two mercenaries and allow crew still loyal to the Lord Captain to regain the ship.

After that Preatus and Antellus made contact with Inquisitor Marr to learn that he was able to rendezvous with Helmet and the prisoner Grendel. Grendel and Helmet were transferred to the Eternal Vigilance where Antellus and Preatus began interrogating mutineers and finally Grendel himself. They learned the moles on board had in fact been the mercenaries who joined Tyrantus after their escape from the Witch Finders dungeons and their subsequent ambush of his convey where they stole his personal equipment, including his suit of Power Armour.

Grendel held further information that he was taking his orders from Savant Belgrin, and that Abraxis was being held on the shine world of Orendel’s Tomb for questioning. Grendel’s orders had been to kill the Saint Ariella.

With this information the Acolytes return Grendel to Marr’s custody and made for Orendel’s Tomb to free Abraxis.



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