The War for the Emperor's Soul

Hell is Other Inquisitors

Session 6


After the destruction of Armaghest by Interrogator Grendel and the apparent deaths of Praetus and Helmut, Inquisitor Nicodemus disbanded the Acolytes cell. Xrel would join the ranks of the Acreage 73rd Light Infantry Brigade in the defense of Archaos against the broods of Hive Fleet Malice, during which he won the grudging respect of Commissar Ghrest. Antellus and Contintus eventually found themselves working together several years later on Scintillia to solve the kidnapping of the thirteen year old daughter of Marcus Winchester. Both earned considerable fame for successfully recovering the young girl, Antellus coming to the eyes of the Ordo Mallus for the slaying of several lessor daemons and Constintus for planning the lightening raid on the cultists. Constintus would eventually marry into the affluent Winchester family, taking the hand of Marcus’ eldest daughter, Alizibeth and becoming the son Marcus never had.

Five years later the old team was assembled for a new assignment, which surprising included Praetus and Helmet, thought long dead. How they survived the atomic blast and what happened remains a mystery, for they were mind wiped. Evidently the Inquisition thought whatever they possessed worth preserving. Reunited the Acolytes were sent to the world of Hesiod’s Wake to investigate rumors of a child performing “miracles”. Contact with the world was lost and the threat that the child was touched by the Warp was too great to ignore.

After making planet fall posing as pilgrims coming to see the miracle child, the Acolytes made their way to the town of Jyn’s Crossing. They found the town besieged by pilgrims, fortune seekers, and redemptionists. Some thought the girl was touched by the Emperor, others that she was the tool of the Ruinous Powers. The Acolytes learned that the girl and her family, being simple peasants, had taken refuge in the town chapel. A grizzled Arbite named Sgt. Roan was dispatched from the world’s capital to maintain order. He believed the girl, Ariella, was truly touched by the Emperor’s light and now, along with Father Berret, was trying to keep her safe. Roan had enlisted the local sheriff to keep Ariella safe, but they were too few to effectively maintain order as the pilgrim horde grew every day. Somebody had managed to make an assassination attempt on Ariella’s life, and she sustained a serious head injury which left her in semi-conscience state.

The Acolytes were quickly convinced of the veracity of the claims that this farmer’s daughter was blessed by the Master of Mankind and began making preparations to get her off world. But as they began implementing their plan they found they were the only agents Nicodemus had sent to this world. Grendel and his team were already in town and were urging on the rabble to storm the chapel and kill the girl. Grendel’s motives remain unknown, but he seemed willing to kill both the girl and the Acolytes to achieve his mission. A long battle ensured, and Grendel’s bodyguard, Stevenson, was killed by the Acolytes. As the Acolytes fled town on a bus Praetus had hastily converted into an armoured vehicle, Grendel called in his air support to destroy the team and the girl inside. Eventually Constintus was able to bring down the Gun Cutter and cause it to crash in a nearby field. But the armoured bus had been all but destroyed in the fight. As Grendel led his team to confront the Acolytes on foot in the middle of the corn field, an unnatural light filled the night sky. With a sickly lurch the world took on a terrible sheen and suddenly both sides realized they were witnessing a Daemonic Incursion. Apparently a third party wanted Ariella for their designs, as the field filled with gibbering Warp Spawn. The slavering fiends assaulted the hastily erected defenses the Acolytes were able to throw together, and it seemed it would be here they would make their final stand.

Someone had other plans though, for at that moment the dead, sour air stirred. In a sudden blaze of light four members of the legendary Grey Knights teleported in, their assault cannons roaring and their nemesis force halberd’s humming with psychically charged energy. Their arrival threw back the chaos fiends long enough for Inquisitor Abraxis to teleport down and relay transport coordinates for Ariella, himself, the Acolytes, and the Grey Knights. Before the disarrayed hordes could mount a counter attack the party was back on board the Ark Dominus and breaking orbit before the warp storms that had engulfed the world closed again, trapping them here.



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