The War for the Emperor's Soul

On The Edge of Darkness

Session 1


A body found on a transit car of the Sillibus division rail system usually prompts little in the way of interest or concern, but unusual lesions and contusions suggested some more then a simple mugging or gang violence. The autopsy revealed more, much more. The victim, Saul Arbest, had received advanced gene-therapy and synthetic organs transplants, the work of a talented and resourceful bio-sculptor. The Inquisition quickly took interest, as did the Machinest Prefect of the Cult Mechanicus templum in Sillibus. They agreed to work together, covertly, so track down the source of the illegal tech. Praetus Khan was selected from amongst the ranks of the Adepta Mechanicus to assist in the investigation. The Inquisition was operating behind a smoke screen, using the Adminastratum as a front for their activities. Praetus and his body guard, Constintus, were placed under cover in the Coscarla District of Hive Sillibus. It took them little time to learn that something was very wrong in the bestricken region. They eventually uncovered a mercenary outfit under the command of a man named Morian was working for a renegade Tech-Prest who called herself the Churigeon. The Churigeon was associated with a group that called itself the Logicians. Infiltrating the Logicians hideout Praetus and Constintus destroyed the Churigeon’s, revealed the Logicians presence, and recovered some data on their activities.


WTF? You didn’t mention of the MIRROR!

On The Edge of Darkness

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