The War for the Emperor's Soul

Dirty Dozen

Session 12


Following the leads in Alistare’s ledger, the Acolytes ended up going to the world of Solomon, seat of the Adepta Munatorium in the Calixes sector. They were following the lead on a Rogue Trader named Ezekiel Sunder. The the surprise of the Acolytes found an Inquisitor named Silas Marr waiting for them. He had been using the cover of Ezekiel Sunder to infiltrate various groups and individuals trafficking in forbidden xeno tech. He assumed the aforementioned players were Acolytes who had been sent at his request for reinforcements.

Inquisitor Marr told them of a famous Rogue Trader named Haarlock who’s family were among the first to map the Calixes Sector. Haarlock disappeared almost two centuries ago, and is presumed dead. A number of artifacts from his final estate are going to auction on Solomon at a vast tomb complex and crematorium called The House of Dust and Ash. Dark rumors had always surrounded the Haarlock’s, and Marr knows that the many artifacts up for auction is going to draw in a unsavory characters from across the sector and beyond.

For whatever his reasons, Marr wants to use outside help to infiltrate the House of Dust and Ash and pose as potential bidders, collecting information the buyers and the items themselves, to discern if there is anything that possess a threat. It is a fact finding mission, nothing more.

The Acolytes set off on a sky ship soon there after called the Cygnar Martyr. It’s crew and captain where mainly ex-guardsmen. On the sky ship traveled several other groups, including a scholarly gentlemen, a supposed Eccesiarchy preacher, and a young woman who was in the business of discretely moving cargo, and a pair men who Helmet supposed to be hired killers. Each had their retinues of bodyguards and advisers. Helmet discovered the preacher was a tainted by chaos, and so he chose to dispose of him and his assistants. The woman feared that Antellus was planning to bid against her on an item she held to be of particular interest, so she had one of her men attempt to poison him in his sleep. But Xrel always was a light sleeper, and he cut the would-be assassin into pieces before he even crossed the threshold of the cabin’s door.

Not long after Wreckers attacked, which is what the locals called the pirates who operated in the area. But they had little to fear. Between Xrel’s fearful aura and a lucky shot with a krak grenade, the wrecker’s plunged into the water long before they were able to bring their superior numbers to bear. Soon after the Cygnar Martyr docked at a sky hook station and the passengers departed, the woman and her companion into the care of the local PDF troopers. The captain warned Constintus that something was wrong, the ships were hired to bring people to the island, but not back. He was grateful for their help in bringing down the Wreckers so quickly, so he pledged to stay docked as long as he could. And so the Acolytes set foot on soft ashen soil of the burning Isle, and set out toward Deadtown, which was at the foot of the volcano where the House of Dust and Ash sat.


Luck shot?? That was Sacred Grenage-launcher Skills bestowed to Praetus by the machine god asshole!

Dirty Dozen

Bah…spelling. Who needs it.

Dirty Dozen

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