The War for the Emperor's Soul

Burning the Books

Session 9


The Ark Dominus and the Acolytes each had their missions. The Ark was to emerge from the warp near Scintillia’s cordon zone where it would be challanged by waiting warships. The Ark would be asked to stand down, an order Ravensburg would refuse. Then when the shooting started the Acolytes would launch their small shuttle and make for Scintillia. Unknown to the Acolytes, Abraxis had called in favours and fleet commander allowed both the Ark Dominus to escape in to the warp (and fake it’s destruction by a Gellar Field mishap) and the Acolytes to land on Scintillia using a pre-approved flight plan and transponder codes.

The Acolytes returned to Hive Sillibus and, for Contintus (and Praetus, though he didn’t remember it) they returned to where they first met, the Corscala District. It hadn’t much improved since the Acolytes were there, but the same shadow of fear and daspere no longer hung over the populace. They were able to make contact with Interrogator Sand, Constintus’ and Praetus original recruiter. After showing him the seal Abraxis had given them, Sand agreed to help. They planned their mission and got the supplies they would need.

Disguises in place, fake identify papers at the ready, and gear in tow, the Acolytes descended into the heart of the Inquisition for the Calixes Sector. They were challanged, but the effort they put into their disguises and cover story held. Soon they made their way to the narthex of the main library and Praetus began the long and ardious task of falsifying all the refernces to Pilgrim’s Pause they could find. It took many hours, but in the end they thought they had sufficiently altered all written records to make finding Pilgrim’s Pause exceedningly difficult. The next step was for Praetus to access the remote Cogitation Station and access the Inquisitoral Database to do the same. This didn’t take as long, although the system encryption and security was good. But Pilgrim’s Pause was not classified as a strategically important world, in fact there were very few references to it to begin with it. It’s records were not classified in any way. Praetus deleted and altered all the references he could find. But curiousity got the better of him and he dug a little further. Trying to find the truth of his own past and missing five years, he searched for any records of himself. The Inquisition had files on Praetus, but they were classified Dark Omega, and Praetus had alerted the security of the Tricorn Palace.



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