The War for the Emperor's Soul

Abandoned Hope

Session 19


Sepheris Rising: Sovereign Right, you have broken formation. Please advise.
Sepheris Rising: Repeat Sovereign Right, advise status. You have broken formation.
Sepheris Rising: Taskforce command, Sovereign Right has changed course and is not responding to hails.
Vigilance: Confirmed command, Sovereign Right is currently at bearing 085 by 195 by 002.
Vigilance: Command, do you respond?
Serpheris Rising: Condition yellow, Sovereign Right and Taskforce Command are out of communication. Serpheris Rising assuming command.
Sepheris Rising: Condition red, Sovereign Right has fired her guns on us. Sovereign Right is hostile, repeat Sovereign Right is host-
Vigilance: Condition red confirmed, all power to weapons. Moving to engage enemy.
Vigilance: Sepheris Rising, what’s your status?
Sepheris Rising: Heavy damage to outer hull and port batteries. Shields collapsing. We won’t survive another salvo.
Vigilance: Weapons hot and cleared for action. All batteries, in the name of the Emperor, fire.
Vigilance: Sepheris Rising, advise of status.
Vigilance: Confirmed, Sepheris Rising is aflame and drifting. Sovereign Right coming about. Alert, incoming bombers.
Vigilance: Point defence stations – incoming enemy craft at multiple bearings.
Vigilance: Engaging

As the Sovereign Right obliterated the task force assigned to the Josian Expeditionary Force, those who manged to evacuate the ships and make planet-fall found themselves in the middle of a desolate, hostile world, unsure who was friend or foe. The survivor’s are scattered across half the continent, and the only certain thing is that rescue is months away… if it ever comes.

The player’s managed to evacuate the Cassilda and break atmosphere but found that the remains of the troop transport were coming down behind them, breaking apart in the atmosphere as the plasma engines began to melt down. They barely managed to clear the blast radius before the city block size reactor’s went critical and triggered an atomic explosion that turned a kilometer of desert into radioactive glass. Knowing that the deadly fallout was only an hour away at most, they abandoned their now useless recon vehicle (fried by the EMP of the explosion) after stripping it of it’s heavy stubber and extra gear. They made south towards a group of low structures, discovering it was a long abandoned refinery of some sort.

Inside the dilapidated structure they found a maze of underground maintenance tunnels and walkways. But in there were things in the dark waiting for them, greeting them with faces they knew. The party knew that on the surface the only thing that awaited them was a slow death by radiation poisoning, so they took the fight to the entities that haunted these long empty corridors. In the end they were successful, but at the cost of one man’s life and another man’s limb. While they found a large source of water, food and ammunition are limited, and the many miles of tunnels may yet hold further dangers.



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