The War for the Emperor's Soul

Scavenging 101
Session 20


A few hours after the survivors had flooded the old reservoir, they heard a commotion up above, from where they had entered the lower levels. Someone had opened the door out into the wastes. The Psyker peered into the warp, and sensed several groups on the surface. The group quickly took up defensive positions and waited. A single man came running down the stairs, caked in dust. He was obviously being chased. He stumbled into the survivors and identified himself as an Imperial Psyker, and that he was being hunted by Archaos guardsmen. He joined the group in hiding, and when the half dozen Archaos troopers came into the building looking they listened carefully. The troopers weren’t overly concerned with finding the lone survivor, and left thinking he was as good as dead out in the wastes with no gear.

As the troopers returned to the surface, the Assassin followed carefully. The door was still open and had to be closed before the radioactive fallout could get in. He saw the troopers were wearing chemical warfare gear, and he contemplated taking one of them out for the protection the suits might offer. There were too many, however, and he decided to bar and seal the door, and return to the lower levels.

The new comer informed them that he had come from a small outpost to the south west. His escape pod landed there, and he soon found what he thought was a rescue party was actually a team sent to kill him so he fled into the foot hills and found the refinery and the group.

The Psykers later tried to detect if further Archaos troops were in the area, and opened their mind to the warp. This time, however, something gazed back. There was a flicker in the air, and for a split second a window to the Etherium was opened. Though thankfully brief, the momentary fissure in the barrier between the worlds allowed the group to perceive the swirling energies of the Immaterium and the entities that inhabit that place. Everyone fell to the ground unconscious. A glimpse into the raw, swollen heart of Chaos is enough to drive most men mad, and the group was lucky the intrusion was just for a split second. They awoke some minutes later, shaken but alive. But something was there watching over them. Startled, the stranger introduced himself as Helmut Blutt, another survivor who had been in the tunnel for several days now. He had made planet fall with the Archoas companies earlier. Skeptical, the group wanted to know why he was here. Blutt then revealed his Inquisitorial Rosette, revealing himself as none other then a Throne Agent of some seniority. The guardsmen immediately fell in line behind him, glad to have someone on the ground who knew what was going on.

They made camp in a storage room down in the tunnels, and there Helmut told them his story of how he came to be here. He was on a mission, and his mandate brought him to Abandoned Hope where he caught scent of his objectives. But he soon learned another Inquisitor was calling the shots here, and Helmut did not trust this Lady Wrathbone yet. He slipped into the JEF as just another anonymous, grey robbed adept and stowed away on a shuttle when the first squads started landing. He is not privy to what Lady Wrathbone is looking for, but he believes she’s looking for in the capital city of Dammerung, beyond the desert and mountains to the north. The bulk of the Archaos forces are based there. When he learned of the betrayal, he immediate began making plans to journey to the capital, convinced that Wrathbone was somehow connected to his own quest.

It was nearing night by this time, and not all of them had survived their first day on Abandoned Hope. One was dead and another badly maimed. The wounded soldier was in a fitful, feverish sleep. The rest ate rations and slept. They were awakened by strange mumblings. The wounded man was speaking in his sleep, but he was talking in some strange language that could not understand. After his contact with the creature from below, and the warp flicker that had caused them all to fall unconscious earlier, they feared possession and shot him in his sleep. A strange burning smell was soon detected, and wisps of smoke arising from his clothing. The party left and made camp elsewhere, fearing the unnatural aura that hung about the body. The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

It was decided that the current refinery wasn’t safe. They had no idea what else lurked in the darkness, the Archaos troops knew at least one person was here, and there was no food or supplies to speak of. Helmut had intended to travel west, along an underground rail line. He wasn’t sure where it went, but he hoped it connected with the main trunk that went straight to Dammerung. They had no idea how long they would be, but the underground tunnel would allow them to travel without risking exposure to radioactive fallout blanketing the surface.

But first they needed supplies, they only had enough food for one day and couldn’t count on finding anything in the tunnel. They knew there was a mess hall on the surface that might still have rations, but first they would need protective gear before they could get it. They searched the tunnels and scrounged up some jerry cans for water and some old hazmat suits. While they weren’t maintained, they would probably allow moderate protection and allow them to retrieve the food. Armed thus, they went to the surface and started searching for supplies. On the second level of the mess they found several pallets of persevered rations. They also found a four wheeled bin they push along to store all the food and water in, as there was more than they could reasonably carry themselves.

However, at that moment the psykers detected a low flying aircraft approaching. Taking cover, the aircraft boomed over head, unseen in the brownish haze that filled the sky. Visibility was limited, with falling ash and dust making it impossible to see more than a couple of dozen meters. They heard something though, to the north. It was a large band of feral mutants stampeding right towards them. Something had caused them to panic and now they were running madly. It didn’t take long to find out what. A small team of Archaos troopers were in a vehicle, pursuing them. They were firing wildly into the mob, and tossing crude fire bombs into the mass. The group took up position, ready to ambush the Archaos forces.

Not expecting any sort of resistance, the troopers were totally surprised when suddenly they come under coordinated, focused fire. Psychic lightening lanced into them. Gun fire wracked them. It was over in just a few moments, they didn’t even get a chance to return fire. The group of survivors than finished up any mutants in the way, took some ammunition from the recon truck’s heavy stubber, and set the bodies in the back. Than they rigged the jeep to drive out into the wastes, back where it came. Hopefully it would throw off any pursuing forces.

They than returned below ground with their supplies, and set off down the tunnel before more mutants or Archaos showed up.

Abandoned Hope
Session 19


Sepheris Rising: Sovereign Right, you have broken formation. Please advise.
Sepheris Rising: Repeat Sovereign Right, advise status. You have broken formation.
Sepheris Rising: Taskforce command, Sovereign Right has changed course and is not responding to hails.
Vigilance: Confirmed command, Sovereign Right is currently at bearing 085 by 195 by 002.
Vigilance: Command, do you respond?
Serpheris Rising: Condition yellow, Sovereign Right and Taskforce Command are out of communication. Serpheris Rising assuming command.
Sepheris Rising: Condition red, Sovereign Right has fired her guns on us. Sovereign Right is hostile, repeat Sovereign Right is host-
Vigilance: Condition red confirmed, all power to weapons. Moving to engage enemy.
Vigilance: Sepheris Rising, what’s your status?
Sepheris Rising: Heavy damage to outer hull and port batteries. Shields collapsing. We won’t survive another salvo.
Vigilance: Weapons hot and cleared for action. All batteries, in the name of the Emperor, fire.
Vigilance: Sepheris Rising, advise of status.
Vigilance: Confirmed, Sepheris Rising is aflame and drifting. Sovereign Right coming about. Alert, incoming bombers.
Vigilance: Point defence stations – incoming enemy craft at multiple bearings.
Vigilance: Engaging

As the Sovereign Right obliterated the task force assigned to the Josian Expeditionary Force, those who manged to evacuate the ships and make planet-fall found themselves in the middle of a desolate, hostile world, unsure who was friend or foe. The survivor’s are scattered across half the continent, and the only certain thing is that rescue is months away… if it ever comes.

The player’s managed to evacuate the Cassilda and break atmosphere but found that the remains of the troop transport were coming down behind them, breaking apart in the atmosphere as the plasma engines began to melt down. They barely managed to clear the blast radius before the city block size reactor’s went critical and triggered an atomic explosion that turned a kilometer of desert into radioactive glass. Knowing that the deadly fallout was only an hour away at most, they abandoned their now useless recon vehicle (fried by the EMP of the explosion) after stripping it of it’s heavy stubber and extra gear. They made south towards a group of low structures, discovering it was a long abandoned refinery of some sort.

Inside the dilapidated structure they found a maze of underground maintenance tunnels and walkways. But in there were things in the dark waiting for them, greeting them with faces they knew. The party knew that on the surface the only thing that awaited them was a slow death by radiation poisoning, so they took the fight to the entities that haunted these long empty corridors. In the end they were successful, but at the cost of one man’s life and another man’s limb. While they found a large source of water, food and ammunition are limited, and the many miles of tunnels may yet hold further dangers.

Shadows Fore and Aft
Session 18



Constantis SecundusMIA. Last seen in the southern wood having suffered life threatening injuries. Body not recovered.
Helmut BlutAWOL. Escaped via unknown means after detonating the armoury and power house. Current whereabouts unknown, last seen on world of Solomon (Ref. Prophet of Aryellia).
Praetus KhanAWOL. Declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Holy Ordos, whereabouts unknown. (Ref. Destruction of Ophiuchus Ascendent, Sophano Prime Incident, Assault on Tricron Palace, Death of Inquisitor Tyrantus, Carcosa Mandate).
Xrel – Presumed KIA after unknown Warp Event destroyed the compound.
AntellusAWOL. Escaped to Eternal Vigilance. Ship last spotted rendezvousing with Ark Dominus(Ref. Destruction of Ark Dominus) at Fenksworld. Presumed heading: Hyades Sub-Sector.
Inquisitor Abraxis – Presumed KIA based on eye witness accounts. Body not recoverd.
Interrogator SandAWOL. Escaped to Eternal Vigilance.

+++INQUISITORIAL MANDATE: Epsilon//904-A (Ref. Battle of Monrass)
+++FILED: 930.823.M41

As each warrior dies and is laid on the mighty altar of battle, with toll of bell and scratch of quill we shall count his days in death as we did in life.

Loose Ends
Sesson 17


As the amusement park came crashing down in a massive conflagration, the Acolytes became separated. Preatus was able to make contact with Antellus aboard the Eternal Vigilance, and he came down on a shuttle to extract Preatus from the crumbling hive structure. Once on board the shuttle things went quickly awry. Somebody had sabotaged the shuttle and tried to kill everyone on board. Preatus was able to regain control of the stricken craft and it became apparently that there was a full blown mutiny occurring on the Eternal Vigilance. The ships Chief Enginseer was on the bridge and was trying to countermand Antellus’s command codes. Preatus was able to regain control of parts of the ship’s Cogitator Array remotely and learned that the two mercenaries he and Antellus had double-crossed were the leaders of the mutiny.

Overriding command codes Preatus re-actived all the Servitor’s on the ship and began using them to retake the bridge before the mutineers could bring the Eternal Vigilance’s guns to bear on the shuttle. The plan worked, and the servators were able to kill the two mercenaries and allow crew still loyal to the Lord Captain to regain the ship.

After that Preatus and Antellus made contact with Inquisitor Marr to learn that he was able to rendezvous with Helmet and the prisoner Grendel. Grendel and Helmet were transferred to the Eternal Vigilance where Antellus and Preatus began interrogating mutineers and finally Grendel himself. They learned the moles on board had in fact been the mercenaries who joined Tyrantus after their escape from the Witch Finders dungeons and their subsequent ambush of his convey where they stole his personal equipment, including his suit of Power Armour.

Grendel held further information that he was taking his orders from Savant Belgrin, and that Abraxis was being held on the shine world of Orendel’s Tomb for questioning. Grendel’s orders had been to kill the Saint Ariella.

With this information the Acolytes return Grendel to Marr’s custody and made for Orendel’s Tomb to free Abraxis.

Strange Tides
Session 15


The Acolytes were able to make port at the Kellman Shipyards, a centre for illegal trade within the Hyades sub-sector. The Eternal Vigilance took on fuel and supplies and then made for Imperial space. After arriving at Fenksworld they received an astropathic message from Interrogator Sand. Inquistor Abraxis had been arrested by Witch Finder Tyrantus and taken to an unknown location. At this time is became known there was a mole on board the Eternal Vigilance. The Acolytes fed the mole misinformation, luring the Witch Finder into a trap on the world of Soloman, where Inquistor Marr lent them what aid he could.

In an abandoned amusement park the Acolytes sprung their trap on the Witch Finder. The Acolytes had prepared their chosen battleground well, having rigged much of the park with explosive traps, but the Witch Finder game in with ample firepower of his own. A whole platoon of storm troopers, himself, Interrogator Grendal, and four Sisters of Battle. The ensuing battle saw the almost complete destruction of the park at the Witch Finder brought more troops to bear against the entrenched Acolytes. The Skipper, a new dreadnought body, tried to destroy his tormentor Preatus but ultimately the Tech Priest prevailed when he destroyed the Skipper’s head a blast from his meltagun. Helmut fared equally well, managing to beat Interrogator Grendel in single combat and take him alive for questioning. Constintus met the enemy head on, taking on Tyrantus and his body guard of battle sisters. The lone guardsmen made his last stand in the house of mirrors, felling Tyrantus before being over come by the Adepta Sororitas. He was last seen blazing away with his assault cannon as the entire structure collapsed down around him, burying him and the sisters under tonnes of ruble, allowing the remaining Acolytes to escape with Grendel.

Session 14


After the incident at the House of Dust and Ash, Helmut returned to Inquisitor Marr for a debriefing. Marr seemed to take the news of everything in stride, until he heard of the Gilded Widow. He motioned for Helmut to leave his office. Helmut slipped back into Marr’s private chambers to find out what was going on. Inside he saw Marr gently weeping over the picture of a young woman. Remembering some of the Gilded Widow’s cryptic messages, Helmut surmised that the Gilded Widow was actually Inquisitor Marr’s long lost daughter. He left a message for Marr and two days later was contacted by the old man.

The two spoke for some time, and in the end Helmut felt Marr could be trusted. Marr offered the remains of the House of Dust and Ash to Helmut and entrusted care of the recovered items from auction to him.

After that, following clues give to them by the Gilded Widow, the Acolytes returned to the Eternal Vigilance and made for the coreward border of the Calixes sector. Beyond there lay another sub-sector that had fallen into decay after being isolated by a massive warp-storm for two centuries. They made port at Fenksworld to take on supplies. While there, Helmut managed to deftly dispose of a corrupt banking cartel’s board of directors and ensure that the new board that was elected was sympathetic to him and his causes.

It took two weeks to bring on new crew and additional supplies, plus make some simple repairs to the Eternal Vigilance. Antellus told his navigator’s to head coreward, beyond the boarders of Imperial controlled space into what was once the Hyades sub-sector. They encountered nothing during the eight week journey to the coordinates given to them by the Gilded Widow. When they emerged from the warp they found they were in a nebula, and scans revealed they were near an unusual energy signature. Following it they encountered what could only have been an Eldar Warpgate, large enough to move capital ships through. Using the Eldar stone, Xrel entered a trans and made telepathic contact, although the effort was extremely taxing.

Several days later a sleek Eldar battle cruiser emerged and ordered the Eternal Vigilance to stand down. Antellus complied, and himself, Preatus, Helmut and Xrel went across the Eldar vessel. The Acolytes made their first contact with the enigmatic Eldar, and it went well, all things considered. They returned the soul stone and in return a Farseer sat with them and counseled them on what they saw on Pilgrim’s Pause. They were assured that Preatus found on Pilgrim’s Pause, it was no gate to the Webway, and the creature he saw on the otherside could never enter the Webway nor the warp. The Farseer seemed sympathetic to their cause, and hinted that further cooperation between the two parties might be beneficial in the future.

The House of Dust and Ash
Session 13 - Unlucky for Some


The Acolytes quickly realized that something was amiss at the House of Dust and Ash. Beyond the strange array of guests for the auction, and the strange disappearances there was the matter that communications were being jammed by what appeared to be military grade hardware plus several void shield generators were found around the site. Praetus and Helmut went about scouting the the crematorium complex. They found the shrouded tomb of the Haarlock line, and the disturbing murals on locked side passages.

During the first night there, Preatus had a near encounter with one guest, a gentleman by the name of Master Nonesuch, who clearly was something more then human when he collapsed his body and slipped between a door frame into another guests room, only to emerge some minutes licking his lips.

At the showing of the Gilded Widow Preatus and Helmut managed to kill the High Mourner as the 13 hour count down began and the Mourners started massacring the guests. Preatus and Helmut eventually hunted down Haarlock’s other descendant and kill him and offer his blood to the Gilded Widow, allowing the two of them to flee the House of Dust. They rendezvoused with the other Acolytes after Inquisitor Marr’s troops were deployed to the island and began rounding up any witnesses. The Acolytes managed to save most of the Artifacts from destruction.

Dirty Dozen
Session 12


Following the leads in Alistare’s ledger, the Acolytes ended up going to the world of Solomon, seat of the Adepta Munatorium in the Calixes sector. They were following the lead on a Rogue Trader named Ezekiel Sunder. The the surprise of the Acolytes found an Inquisitor named Silas Marr waiting for them. He had been using the cover of Ezekiel Sunder to infiltrate various groups and individuals trafficking in forbidden xeno tech. He assumed the aforementioned players were Acolytes who had been sent at his request for reinforcements.

Inquisitor Marr told them of a famous Rogue Trader named Haarlock who’s family were among the first to map the Calixes Sector. Haarlock disappeared almost two centuries ago, and is presumed dead. A number of artifacts from his final estate are going to auction on Solomon at a vast tomb complex and crematorium called The House of Dust and Ash. Dark rumors had always surrounded the Haarlock’s, and Marr knows that the many artifacts up for auction is going to draw in a unsavory characters from across the sector and beyond.

For whatever his reasons, Marr wants to use outside help to infiltrate the House of Dust and Ash and pose as potential bidders, collecting information the buyers and the items themselves, to discern if there is anything that possess a threat. It is a fact finding mission, nothing more.

The Acolytes set off on a sky ship soon there after called the Cygnar Martyr. It’s crew and captain where mainly ex-guardsmen. On the sky ship traveled several other groups, including a scholarly gentlemen, a supposed Eccesiarchy preacher, and a young woman who was in the business of discretely moving cargo, and a pair men who Helmet supposed to be hired killers. Each had their retinues of bodyguards and advisers. Helmet discovered the preacher was a tainted by chaos, and so he chose to dispose of him and his assistants. The woman feared that Antellus was planning to bid against her on an item she held to be of particular interest, so she had one of her men attempt to poison him in his sleep. But Xrel always was a light sleeper, and he cut the would-be assassin into pieces before he even crossed the threshold of the cabin’s door.

Not long after Wreckers attacked, which is what the locals called the pirates who operated in the area. But they had little to fear. Between Xrel’s fearful aura and a lucky shot with a krak grenade, the wrecker’s plunged into the water long before they were able to bring their superior numbers to bear. Soon after the Cygnar Martyr docked at a sky hook station and the passengers departed, the woman and her companion into the care of the local PDF troopers. The captain warned Constintus that something was wrong, the ships were hired to bring people to the island, but not back. He was grateful for their help in bringing down the Wreckers so quickly, so he pledged to stay docked as long as he could. And so the Acolytes set foot on soft ashen soil of the burning Isle, and set out toward Deadtown, which was at the foot of the volcano where the House of Dust and Ash sat.

Acolytes, Interupted
Session 11


In the two years the Acolytes were separated, Constintus and Helmut had been establishing themselves on the world of Malfi and were continuing the second part of their mission, to track down the Eldar and have them confirm the presence of a Warp Gate on Pilgrim’s Pause. When contact was established with Preatus and Antellus they quickly made contact with a local dealer in xeno tech named Alistair. He was a wealthy man who brokered deals between suppliers of xeno artifacts and buyers. When the Acolytes ambushed his motorcade and took him prisoner, he seemed surprisingly unshaken, given how easily the Acolytes had dispatched his security teams and that Helmut had actually been in his vehicle the whole time.

Nevertheless, he cooperated grudgingly with the Acolytes (who were posing as a xeno-tech syndicate) and led them to his warehouse where most of his goods passed through. He dismissed the on-site security and led them to his office where he showed him his current stock, some sort of pistol like weapon, a smooth amber gem which seemed to reflect the light strangely, and a broken, scarab like device. The Acolytes were interested in Eldar technology, and so questioned Alistair regarding where the shipments came from. His got his ledger out of the safe and handed it to the Acolytes. At this time they began examining the good. Xrel picked up the amber gem and without warning disappeared.

The gem was actually an Eldar Soulstone, and the spirit within had made contact with Zrel’s mind (as he was a psyker). A few moments later Xrel reappaered, and told the Acolytes this was an Eldar artifact and that he was in contact with it the consciousness within. Preatus went to examine the mechanical beetle, but as soon as he touched it a spark lept between him and it, and it suddenly sprung to life and skittered away. Both Alistair and the Acolytes were startled but the sudden development, and Alistair lost his temple and told the “amateurs” to get out and return his property. Suddenly the beetle lept out from behind some furniture and scuttled up Preatus’ back, where it began boring into his back. Preatus felt the creature interfacing with the strange nano-machines in his blood, and he felt it taking control of his central nervous system.

The Witch Finder
Session 10


The Acolytes tried to escape but security within the palace was fast and effecient. It was just a few short minutes before Storm Troopers and other agents were hunting for the Acolytes, and a brutal though swift firefight ensued. Praetus took the opprotuntiy to use the newly found powers granted to him by the Void Dragon and sprouted a pair of mechanical bat-like wings. He flew high above the crowd and sailed out of the sealed off Library. Soon after Storm Troopers, seeing they were loosing containment, blew up the main entrance to the library while teams moved in from other positions. Only Praetus and Antellus made it out, by they were confronted by dozens of security personel and were quickly subdued. Constintus, Xrel, and Helmet found an old abandoned passageway as they dodged patrols in the burning, smoking library. It eventually wound down a little used passage in the Palace that led down to an old boat landing. It was sealed with a heavy blast door, and Helmut prayed to the Saint Ayrlia to guide them. He was granted a vision of the code that woudl open the door. They made it out, just before Grendal found them. On the long abandoned dock they found a vessel with some fuel in the sheltered cove.

Contintus, Xrel, and Helmut went out into the stinking, polluted sea and skirted the coast until they found a small settlement. From there they made it into the Hive and Constintus took his family on his wife’s yaught.

During this time Praetus and Antellus were being interogated by Grendel and Witch Finder Tyrantus. For three months they endured physical and psychological torture, but neither revealed any information. Eventually Antellus was abel to engineer his own escape. He found and freed Praetus and togther (with help of men loayl to Sand), they fled the Tricorn Palace. Before they fled Scintillia in search of their comrades, they ambushed a convey carrying the personal effects of the Witch Finder. They recovered their confiscated gear, as well as a number of items that belonged to the Witch Finder, including his suit of Power Armour. They then fled Scintillia.

Two years passed before the Acolytes were reunited on the world of Malfi.


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